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Rope Heroes: Hole Runners – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Rope Heroes is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your characters swing across levels on ropes while shooting for the highest distance possible in multiple game modes. You can earn coins, energy drinks, protein drinks, and baby oil, and even unlock new game modes as you go through the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rope Heroes!

The standard Swing Jump mode is the simplest mode, but is still very hard to master. Your goal is to build up as much speed as possible, launch yourself forward at the very end of the overhead area, then slide and bounce as far as you can in order to set distance records. The faster you bounce, and the more momentum you have upon landing, the further you’ll go.

Endless mode is a bit different. Here, your run is done once you crash into anything, and your goal is to keep your run going for as long as possible. The daily challenges are similar to the endless mode except you have to go a minimum distance in order to win the daily challenge prize. The prize is one of the biggest coin loads you’ll get in the game, though.

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There are three ways to get coins in the game overall. The Destroy Stones game can either be a great source of coins or of frustration. Destroy all fifty of them in one round to earn fifty coins, but if you destroy less than thirty of them, then you earn nothing. 30 is the minimum to earn a prize; if you destroy that many, you win five coins. You can also watch ad videos for 20 coins apiece, and you can buy coins for real-life money, or earn one coin for every 30 meters that you travel in a level.

With the coins, you can do one of three things. One is to unlock the Extreme Mode, which is like Endless Mode but with extra craziness. Another is to unlock new characters, which perform the same but look different. Finally, the cheapest expenditure is to refill your Skill Power, Climb Power, and Slide Power.

Those refill with the purchase of Energy Drinks, Protein Drinks, and Baby Oil, and they run out as you play the game, although they never run out entirely. More Skill Power means more speed gain as you work the ropes. More climb power means you rise up higher when you unleash a new rope. More slide power means that you go a longer way after you hit the ground during the Swing Jump levels.