Rotator (Ketchapp) – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

By | May 13, 2018

Rotator is a new game by Ketchapp for the iOS and Android where you tap and hold down on the screen to rotate around the cylindrical level. That’s the only control in the entire game – you can only move in one direction, even – but it’s a challenge, and it gets faster and faster, and you can complete with players from all over the world to see if you can net a high score. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rotator!

When you’re playing in a stage itself, pay absolutely zero attention to the shape in front of you except for the colors. If you are going to make it through safely in your current position, then the shape will be yellow. If you are not, then the shape will be red. So if the shape is red, then hold down on the screen, and if the shape is yellow, then let go of the screen.

You can also collect coins in the rounds themselves. To collect a coin, rotate around until you are either aimed right at it, or in the general vicinity of it. Just be sure not to accidentally run yourself into a shape while you are doing this, though, or the coin won’t even be worth it. Besides, this isn’t even the quickest way to earn more coins.

If you want to collect a lot of coins extremely quickly, take advantage of the video bonuses and the free prizes at the end of each round. The prize comes on a timed basis, while the video bonus is available whenever you have a data connection. The video will allow you to spin anywhere between 50 and 200 coins, depending on your luck.

You need 200 coins in order to be able to unlock a new character, or in this case, the ball that’s owned by a new character. The ball won’t do anything for your performance, but it will have a new appearance. Some balls can be unlocked by other means, such as interacting with the game on social media (the prompt is under the ball) or by watching 10 ad videos.

As you increase your score, you’ll fill up the star on the main screen. When the star fills all the way to the top, you will get a big coin bonus, but nothing else noteworthy will happen. The gameplay won’t change, other than the fact that you’ll be so much closer to buying a ball.