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Royal Revolt! for iOS: How to get more coins quickly

Royal Revolt! pits family member as family member, as you, the young prince-turned-king and the rightful heir to the throne, return from magic school to find out that your evil relatives have stolen the kingdom from you after your father, the king, passed away. Coins are the main currency of the game, and without having enough coins, it becomes literally impossible to continue on in your missions and take the kingdom back from your evil relatives. Read on to find out how to get more coins, more quickly!

The most obvious way to get coins more quickly is to get more stars on each level. Each star that you get on a level earns you a certain amount of bonus coins, therefore, the more stars you earn, the more coins that you get. However, in addition, if you beat a level with only one or two stars, you can then go back to that same level later on, get more stars later on, and collect more bonus coins for doing so.

When your character gets killed on a stage, you are prompted by the game to spend a certain number of coins in order to revive your character. The number goes up as you move on to more advanced stages, and if you get killed more than once, you will be spending a LOT more coins to revive (this number goes up each time that you get killed on one stage). Your best bet is simply to give up, go back and retry the stage, or to go back and play other stages to earn more coins.

An easy way to earn more coins is to generally go back about 5 stages and beat the stage again after you have already beating it. The reason that it should be 5 stages, and not 10-15 stages, is to earn the most points possible, while still being able to beat the stage with very little or no difficulty.


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