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Rules of Survival – The Ultimate Tips, Tricks and Winning Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Rules of Survival is a new open-world survival shooter for the iOS and Android platforms. You get air dropped onto an island with 45 other people, and your goal is to be the last one standing. Survive for as long as possible to increase your rank. You can use anything from your fists to cars to weapons to beat other players in your attempt to survive the longest. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rules of Survival!

At the beginning of the game, you and other players will enter practice mode, which is where you and they can practice with weapons to your heart’s content. When you approach a weapon, ammo, or something else, a box will pop up with the name of it; tap its name in the box to pick it up. Then you can shoot around all you want until the match begins.

Once the match begins and you airdrop in, you’ll lose whatever you picked up, so you’ll have to find it again. Until you find a weapon, try to stay in the shadows and avoid getting targeted by other players. Search around buildings especially, as these are the most likely places to find other weapons.

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Ever read or watched The Hunger Games franchise? Do the same thing that they do in the Hunger Games. Stick to hiding and running for awhile and let the other players shoot each other until they die. Then when the number of leftover players gets whittled down, start exploring around and looking for weapons.

You can use more than just guns when you’re trying to attack other players. Use cars, too, as well as other vehicles. If you run up to a vehicle and a floating gem appears inside of it, tap it and you’ll be able to drive it around. You can go off-road or on-road with equal levels of speed and handling, so hunt down other players and try to run them over if you find them.

If you’re playing in team or squad mode, then get another player to help with the vehicle thing, too. More than one person can ride in a vehicle at a time. If you’re the passenger, you can shoot from the vehicle, and drive-by shootings are a great way to execute serious damage without much danger of getting killed by a rival.