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Run Bird Run! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Run Bird Run! is a new iOS and Android game by Ketchapp featuring the same cast of characters as last year’s Don’t Touch The Spikes had. The goal here is to avoid all of the falling blocks for as long as you can, while collecting candy, which is the currency of the game. You get all kinds of birds and scenery that you can purchase using the collected candy as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Run Bird Run!

When you are playing, always look up toward the top of the screen, because about a second before a block falls, a triangular caution sign will appear in the row where it’s going to fall. Watch the signs, and if possible, look at the top of the screen the majority of the time so that you can always see what’s going to come next. If you’re just looking at the bird at the bottom of the screen, reaction time will be far slower.

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Use the realistic-looking scores in the Game Center high score tables to gauge your performance. The ridiculous scores are the ones that are fake and were hacked into the game using some sort of hex editor app. Keep scrolling down the table of scores until you see the ones which look crazy but semi-realistic. These ones will be the top real scores.

Take the highest ground that you can and camp out on it until you’re forced to move. It takes a lot more time to move from lower ground to higher ground than it takes to move from higher ground to lower ground, so higher ground is almost always the best place to be. This is especially true immediately after a block has dropped because a block almost never drops in the same space twice in a row.

There is a store where you can purchase more birds, as well as more scenery (although this is more expensive) using the candy that you racked up. You’ll have to die a whole bunch of times before you get back here, though, unless you decide to shut the game down. If you close out the game completely, then after you open it back up, you can go to the main menu.. Hit the bird icon to purchase more birds, and the tree icon to purchase more scenery or to change to the winter scenery.

If you want to get rid of ads without having to pay to do so in the app store, you can put your phone or tablet into airplane mode, or shut off both the wifi and the cellular data. If you do this no ads will show and you can still play; however, it doesn’t really matter if you do, because the ad is not getting in the way of anything, and there are no pop up ads.