Run Race 3D: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Run Race 3D is a new player vs player racing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Similar to the Fun Run series, this game contains side-scrolling gameplay where you compete against three other players, with the goal being to try to finish in first place. You can earn coins, unlock new skins, and open a ton of new maps in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Run Race 3D!

When you first begin the game, the maps are pretty straightforward in that you essentially run in a big circle over the level, climb something, drop down, run back across, and then repeat three times. The drops are where you can really gain ground on opponents as your opponents tend to try to jump down drops; all that you have to do is let yourself fall, then slide down the wall by not touching the screen.

As you go farther into the game, levels get more and more complicated. When you see arrows on the level, follow them. When you see a half-pipe on the level, slide through it to increase your speed rapidly. When you see a rope on a level, jump on it and then let go of the screen and your character will climb it automatically.

You can get a ton of new skins in this game using the coins that you earn from races. Tap on the little green player icon on the right side of the main screen to open the whole list of skins. You can buy them using coins, and you can get character designs such as superheroes, ninjas, and sports players of various types.

If you don’t have enough coins for a skin, go to the skin store and hit the video icon in order to start playing an advertisement. Tap on the X when it pops up to close the ad, and you’ll earn a free 75 coins. You can press this button as many times as you want and an ad will pop up every time as long as you have an internet connection.

Each time you win first place on a level, you’ll unlock a brand new map. If you finish between second and fourth place on a level, you’ll play the same level again. After winning first place on enough levels, you’ll unlock a bonus level. Here, you’re the only player on the level, and you will be able to win loads of coins by playing it.

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