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Run Sausage Run – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Run Sausage Run is a new endless runner for the iOS and Android platforms by Crazy Labs. Your goal is to run as far and get as high of a score as you can, while avoiding getting beheaded by various obstacles in the stage. You can collect power-ups and coins, unlock new types of meat, and unlock new costumes for your character as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Run Sausage Run!

When you hold down on the screen, you will run forward at high speed and you’ll bend over backwards, whereas if you let your finger up off of the screen, you’ll walk slowly and stand up straight. You’ll need to alternate between the two in order to get around various obstacles, and there are a wide variety of them that you have to avoid.

The blades will be the toughest to pass. For the side-to-side blades, all that you have to do is run underneath them, but for the swirling blades, you have to time your running and walking to make sure that you don’t get beheaded. For the hammer and other obstacles that can smash you, walk until they drop down, and then run when they go back up. Same thing with the burners.

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You can unlock new costumes, which will not change your stats, just your appearance. Unlocking a new sausage, though, will give you gameplay that’s completely different. For example, the weisswurst is shorter and accelerates and stops slower, but has a much higher top speed than a smoked sausage does. Blutwurst, the most expensive one, has a high top speed and stops and accelerates instantaneously, but is very tall.

You can get silver coins, which are worth one apiece, and then gold coins, which are worth ten apiece. Another way to get free coins is to go to the shop and watch an advertisement video in exchange for 25 free coins. The same icon pops up often on the main menu and earns you the same amount of coins there, too. Plus, at various time intervals, you can earn free coins out of a chest.

Once you get the blutwurst, you can simply hold down on the screen and see how far you go, and usually make it far enough to earn over 100 points. The only time that you won’t is if you encounter a burner right away, because the timing is bad and the burner will char you. But you’ll run right past the smashing tools and most of the blades.