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Runnin Through The 6 – Tips, tricks, cheats, and strategy guide

Runnin Through The 6 is a ridiculous endless runner game based on a line from Drake’s “Woe” song, and oh yeah, emojis. Your goal is to run your little Drake emoji as far as you can, score as many points as you can while avoiding obstacles and going for the highest possible score. Read on for some tips and tricks for Runnin Through The 6!

You will automatically earn points when you run, but that can only take you so far. You have to jump and collect the sixes if you want to score the maximum amount of points that you can. Not all of them will be easy or even possible to get, but for some of the high ones you can double jump in order to get them. Collecting the six will earn you 100 points.

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Just make sure to avoid the handicap logo when you’re going this. If you hit it, you will get trapped inside of the block and lose instantly. Also, you will lose instantly if you get stuck behind a building even if it’s just for a second. Your character will slow down and end up falling into one of the gaps, causing you to lose.

If you want to absolutely crush your high score you are going to have to concentrate. The scenery in the background will go a different speed than it theoretically should considering that it is, in fact, in the background. Don’t let the varying speeds of the city, the train and the planes throw you off; focus on the foreground.

If you want to compare your high score to everyone all across the world, tap on the trophy logo in the beginning of the game. If you tap on the trophy logo it will open up Game Center and you will be able to see everybody’s high scores. The top score will, of course, be a hacked score by Shaky Bird, but then below that you’ll see all of the realistic scores there.

The ads are not all that annoying, but if for some reason you still want to make them go away, all that you have to do is shut down the game, throw your phone into airplane mode, and then restart the game and the ads will be gone. This is a small indie developer who makes this game, though, so it’s not recommended to make the ads go away.