Running With Friends: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, part 2

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This game is set in Spain during the running of the bulls. Creative, huh? Anyways, you can dodge the bulls if you want, but they can earn you a ton of stars. Jump on a bull and you’ll earn 10 stars. Bounce off of a second bull in a row, and the second bull will earn 20 stars. Bounce off of a third bull and it will earn you 30 stars. This continues for as long as the line of bulls lasts, so bounce off of as many bulls in a row as possible in order to earn a lot of stars.

Shortcuts often pop up on stages, as well. If you see a very visible light arrow pointing off to the side, it’s a shortcut. It won’t increase your meters any faster, but there will be at least two giant stars in every shortcut corridor, which is an instant major advantage if you collect them.

As you play, you gain both gems and experience points. Gems are the main currency of the game, and experience points allow you to gain experience levels. You earn 50 gems for every first round, 100 for every second round and 150 for every third round. When you gain an experience level, you’ll gain bonus stars as well, with the number of stars increasing with every level that you gain.
You have to run long enough for the experience and gems to be awarded, though. If you don’t run long enough, you won’t earn any. You’ll know if you didn’t run long enough because the gem spending prompt will ask you to “restart the run”, rather than “continue the run” after you crash.

You have multiple ways of losing, as well, in a round. You can either run into something and be stopped in your tracks, or you can fall into a ditch or a river and lose. If you have a more minor hit (such as running into a traffic cone or another runner without sliding), you’ll stumble. You can also stumble when you switch lanes too late in front of an obstacle, and trip on it.

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