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Running With Friends Tips and Tricks Guide, part 2: More Hints, Cheats, Strategies, Hacks and Help

Welcome to part 2 of the Running With Friends tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide!

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This might be fixed in the future, but right now, the game has major issues updating the games, and even issues showing which of your friends on Facebook are playing the game (sometimes it says none of them are, other times it says how many actually are playing it). When it’s not updating, close out the app manually by going to your phone menu, double tapping the menu button and closing it out on the bottom bar. Then reopen it and it should load correctly.

If you don’t run far enough during a round, you won’t get ANY experience points as a reward when you finish the round. Run to the point where, if you lose, “Continue” appears as an option afterwards. If you see “Try Again” and it doesn’t charge you any gems, then you didn’t run far enough.

If you want to get an insanely high score, spin for boosts at the beginning and then upgrade every single one of them, especially if one of them is a 2x star multiplier, because that will be upgraded to 3x. Go as far as you can, and then spend the gems to continue the race after you crash. It costs 50 gems to begin the race again. Then, when you crash again, it costs 100 gems. Spend those too, and keep going until the end of your second retry. Your score could be sky high by then.

Other boosts (besides ones that give you stars for sliding into stuff) include 50 stars per bull jumped on or 50 gems per person knocked down. Try not to play the game any differently than you would without boosts, though, because going too risky on bull jumps and on sliding through objects can lead you to quick losses.

You can swipe side to side in midair. This can help you run on top of platforms, or avoid obstacles, but mostly, its best use is to bounce off of sequences of bulls. Jumping off of 8-10 bulls at a time can earn you more stars than anything in the entire game, outside of collecting the giant stars or sliding through boosted hay bales and boxes.

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