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Rush of Heroes – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Rush of Heroes is an excellent new RPG by Firefly Games and Locojoy. The latter company, as you may remember, made Epic Heroes (aka I Am MT), and now the same characters are back in a beautiful 3D world, parodying World of Warcraft’s mythos and the culture surrounding the game with an almost Earthbound-ian level of satire. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rush of Heroes!

The method of upgrading your weapons in this game is similar to what it is in Heroes Charge and other mobile RPGs, except that all of your characters come with a specific set of equipment. You have to first upgrade each piece of equipment from one color level to the next – for example, for the first upgrade, it will go from black to green. Then, you can upgrade your character, who will then become far stronger than they were before.

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If you want a quick way to gain experience, coins, and extra equipment upgrading items, go to the last level that you have beaten (or any other previously-beaten world) and play it again, doing the auto-battle to make it go by quicker, or raid it to make it go by instantly for as long as you are able to. This will especially help out your player level.

Increasing your player level will unlock all kinds of new game modes, such as the arena, and shops where you can by items to inlay into equipment for upgrading purposes. Plus, you can upgrade the experience level of each of you fighters to equal your player level, but no higher until the player level increases. So once you skyrocket your player level using raids and auto battling, use experience salves and other items to level up your fighters for a huge strength boost.

Open the chests as often as you possibly can. The coins chest will open multiple times a day for free. The gems chests will be free once every 48 hours and has a good chance of earning you an entire character, not just a shard or a piece of equipment. Sure, you often will get shards or pieces of equipment upgrade items, but a character is not uncommon. Buy a 10x gem chest and you get at least one character, guaranteed.

Upgrade the skills of each of your characters too, as these can often make the difference between winning a close battle and losing a close battle, and all it costs is coins. You can upgrade the skill level as high as your character’s level, while your character’s level can be as high as your player’s level.