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Rust Bucket (Nitrome) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Rust Bucket is a new endless dungeon-crawling game for the iOS and Android platforms. Every time that you move, the enemy makes a move, and your goal is to outwit the enemies in order to make it to the next level. You can also collect coins and other goodies to unlock bonuses within the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rust Bucket!

In the main level-based game, be sure to hit the C tiles, as these are checkpoints. When you die, instead of going right back to the beginning, you will go back to the checkpoint instead. In addition, if you run out of moves with enemies such as the skulls, you will be able to reset their position by hitting the checkpoints.

In the endless dungeon crawling mode, your score is determined by how many of the golden doors you go through; overall, though, you can choose any door that you want and make your own path. Some doors contain tougher obstacles inside than others, but generally there is always a way to get past them.

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Stay away from any tile that has an X on it; that is the next tile that the enemy is going to move to, and if you move to it, you will die. Instead, find another tile to move to. Jars are your best friend, as well; if you are running out of moves, then smash a jar and a move will go by. Use this to draw enemies close enough to destroy them.

You can also draw enemies onto the fire tiles to destroy them. The fire tiles will have three animations. Dark means it’s safe to step on the next move. Red means the next move will be fire. Fire will kill either the enemy or you, depending on if one of you is standing on it. However, if you are immediately next to one that is on fire, you can step onto it because it will be dark on the next move. The only time that you cannot step on it will be when it’s right next to you and it is red.

The ads can be a little bit intrusive, but there are ways to deal with them. You can set the phone to airplane mode, or you can purchase ad-free mode for life for one dollar. Play the endless mode if you hate the ads, as well, because unlike level based mode where the ads show up between levels, the endless mode has absolutely zero ads until you die.