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RWBY: Amity Arena – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Hacks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

RWBY: Amity Arena is a new Clash Royale-alike for the iOS and Android platform based off of the characters from the popular anime. It’s player vs player as you load up a team of eight cards, manage and level them up, deploy them strategically, and try to take over your opponents’ towers and turrets, while earning coins and gems and fighting for the highest rank possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for RWBY: Amity Arena!

There are a ton of potential cards that you can use, ranked between commons, rare, epic, and more. While rank should be one of your considerations when choosing which cards to add to your deck, also add them based on a diverse deck and a battle strategy. Don’t load up with all tanks, all ranged attackers, or both.

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Your best bet is to send in one or two tanks, followed by low-defense, high-attack units behind them. The tanks will go in first and soak up damage dealt by the enemy turrets, towers, and units. The attackers will stand behind the tanks, protected from damage, and deal high levels of damage to the enemy.

Level up all of your cards, not just the ones that are in your party. When you level up cards, you gain player experience, and when you gain player levels, your tower and your turrets gain strength, allowing them to do more damage to attackers and to withstand more hits. Plus, the leveled-up cards gain a significant amount of stats, which can make them far stronger than their rareness betrays (common, rare, etc)

Hit the shop whenever you have enough coins and you want to check for useful cards. Your best uses of the store are to buy one or two more cards that you need for a level-up, or to buy a brand new card that you have zero of. Once you purchase a card, then you can add it to your party, so use the store to search for super-rare cards.

At any time, you can either fight for fame, which will risk trophies and give you the chance to earn more trophies, or fight for fun, which will do neither but is a great way to train and earn chests. Also, join an academy or begin your own academy. Do this to get access to the academy chat, help from teammates, as well as special academy crates.


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