Samurai Siege – Attack Guide: How to destroy bases, raid resources and get more honor

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Having a great defense is certainly a step to becoming a samurai lord in Samurai Siege, but what use is it if you don’t have a great offense? Not only will a great offense enable you to attack and destroy other players’ bases with great regularity, but most importantly, it will enable you to make your way through the single player battle quests, right up until the point where you engage in the final faceoff against the Ice Lord. Read on for some tips, tricks and strategies to having a great offense!

Early on in the game you will only have Samurai, and you will need fairly little strategy to destroy the easy bases. You’ll also be matched up against very easy players at this point (as your matchups in the multiplayer mode are against players with the same or similar honor level). Resources are stolen whenever you attack the castle, the market, the coin vault, the essence well or the essence storage.

To win, you either need to do 50% damage, or destroy the enemy’s castle. From there, your star rating will go up depending on how much total damage you do. You need to destroy 100 percent of the base in order to earn three stars, which is the best score. Also, if you win in a multiplayer battle, you will earn 25 honor, but if you are defeated, you will lose 12 honor. Single player battles provide no honor.

As you progress through the single player mode, you unlock more different characters. The ninja is the first one. Ninjas will ignore everything when there’s resource buildings on the map – only when the resource buildings have been destroyed will the ninjas start focusing on other buildings. Rams are the next unlockable troop. They’ll target a wall, then the ram carriers (five per ram) will split up and act like samurai. Every other troop besides ninjas will simply target the first building or wall that they can get to.

Unlock the Commander and he’ll order your troops (except for Ninjas) to attack the defensive structures, such as cannons and archer towers. One commander can command 5 troops (8 troops after you upgrade the commander). Archers can shoot arrows a long range, and while they don’t have many hit points, they do a lot of damage. Oni trolls have extremely high attack, defense and health, but can only attack at close range. Maidens heal other troops, while Essence Masters have high health and defense, and fire long-distance magic shots that do a large amount of damage.

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