Samurai Siege – Attack Guide Part 2: More on how to destroy bases, raid resources and get more honor

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Welcome to part two of the Samurai Siege attack guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

Now that you know all of the troops that you can unlock, you can strategize. Early on, a good strategy is to send in all ninjas whenever you want to raid resources from another player, regardless of winning or losing, but to send in all samurai (which have more health) when you want to get to the castle and win. Alternatively, send in half samurai to distract the defense towers, and half ninjas to make short work of the resources.

When you unlock rams, use one or two of them to bust through the walls and then let your other troops go through. When you get the commanders, use them to direct your troops (especially your archers) at the defensive towers, while using ninjas (which don’t listen to commanders) to attack the resource buildings and the castle.

When you begin unlocking stronger troops, forget strategy – just brute force your way to victory. Send in all Oni Trolls, all Essence Masters or both for a quick and easy win. If you still have some trouble, send in maidens to heal your troops, but with Oni Trolls and Essence Masters, there shouldn’t really be any need for that.

It’s not enough to just have the best troops, though – you need to win the NUMBERS game. Build as many practice yards as you can. Upgrade them to the highest level that you can. Then, upgrade the castle so that you can build even more of them. Repeat this over and over to skyrocket the number of soldiers that you can send in. Then build more barracks so that you can train more troops at a time, to fill up those practice yards.

Even when your practice yards are full, have the queues in your barracks full, so that when you start a battle, the barracks begin training replacements for the troops that you are sending in.

Later on, when you unlock the Blacksmith, you will be able to upgrade all of your troops except for the maiden and the essence masters. Upgrading the troops has a huge effect on their health and their strength. They do become more expensive to train, but it is more than worth it. To train the maidens and the essence masters, find the Ancient Temple (it’s already in your base) and repair it.

Finally, you can buy a Scroll Statue in order to cast spells on enemies, which can be a force multiplier, allowing you to freeze defensive buildings and do mass damage to buildings. The Scroll Statue’s spells can be upgraded using the Ancient Temple.

If you want more advanced troops on a temporary basis, join an alliance, repair the alliance portal ruin (which is already built in your base), then ask for troops. Be sure to send troops back as a courtesy to your alliance members.

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