Samurai Siege – Defense Guide: How to defend your base and protect your resources

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Being a Samurai Warlord is all fun and good in Samurai Siege, but if you want to keep your spoils, you had better make sure that your base is very well-defended. Attackers can come in, destroy your castle, take your resources and knock out all of your troops. Luckily, though, there are plenty of ways to formulate a good defensive strategy and to smite the troops of the oncoming attackers. Read on for defensive strategies in Samurai Siege!

Right from the outset of the game, you will have a few options for defense in your base. You will be able to build walls to keep the enemy out, as well as archer towers, which are a long range, single shot tower. Walls should be used to protect your most valuable assets, which are your castle and your resource producing buildings (market, coin vault, essence well and essence storage), as these are the ones that rivals will be after, and the ones that the Ninjas will go for first.

You can unlock new defensive buildings on the map, and you can unlock the ability to build a higher maximum number of each building by upgrading the castle. Cannons, for example, are the first one to be unlocked on the map, and they fire a slow, long range, exploding shot that can do serious damage to large clusters of enemies.

Make sure that all of your buildings are as close together as possible in order to make it easier to fit them all inside of the walls. This also makes it easier to build your archer towers, cannons, and future defensive buildings within range of every building on your map, so that you can more easily take out enemy troops by targeting them with multiple buildings.

Upgrade every one of your defensive buildings to the maximum level that you can in order to drastically increase their attack power, as well as the damage that they can take before they get destroyed.

Also, put your non-resource-containing buildings, such as your dojos, your carpenter and your practice yards, on the outside of the formation, even outside the walls if you run out of wall room. These will give enemy troops something to target first, and while they waste time destroying those buildings, they’ll take massive amounts of damage before they even get around to attacking the important stuff.

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