Samurai Siege – Defense Guide, Part 2: More on how to defend your base and protect your resources

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Welcome to part 2 of the Samurai Siege defense guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

There are a ton of new defensive buildings that you can unlock as you make your way through the game. The freeze tower will fire shots that freeze a group of enemies for a few seconds each time, allowing your other gun towers more time to attack them and kill them. Lightning towers will shoot out bolts of lightning that bounce from troop to troop, damaging them all, and doing higher levels of damage to the larger troops such as the Oni Trolls and Commanders. Jade Lions will attack, and do tons of damage to, anybody who gets in range of them. Drum towers will fire high-powered, high-frequency machine gun shots at any attacker who is within range.

Upgrade the resource storages in order to be able to hold enough resources for your castle upgrades, because they get very expensive rather quickly. Even at their price, though, they’re extremely worth it because they will give you the ability to build more of each building, and to upgrade each building to a higher level.

Making strategic use of your traps will allow you to make short work of enemies. Freeze traps will spring when enemies get close, and then they will freeze anybody who steps over them. Bomb traps will explode when someone steps on them, doing a large amount of damage to anybody who is nearby, and then disappear (unlike freeze traps, which do not disappear).

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After you are attacked and damaged, you will have a shield put on your base, preventing you from being attacked for awhile. If you want to play the system, leave the castle outside of the walls and outside of protection from your defensive units, so that you can take advantage of the shield every time; however, heavily defend your resource buildings and your practice yards, so that you can minimize your troop loss and resource loss. Use shield time to build your base back up and to progress through the single player mode.

You will find dropped artifacts often when you destroy another player’s castle. If you put a full combo of dropped artifacts together, you can unlock the Cannon of Doom, which is a steroid-addled version of the regular cannon; however, you can only use it for two days at a time.

Once you unlock the Jade Lion, go to the decor tab in the store and build a Lion statue, which looks exactly like a Jade Lion. This will greatly confuse opposing players as to where they should send their troops.

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