Samurai Siege: How to win without spending any money

Samurai Siege is a freemium strategy game, sort of a reverse tower-defense game (you send out the troops and attack the base) for the iOS and Android platforms. It gets very addicting, and a surprising amount of gameplay can be had for without having to pay one single thing on the game. It goes from easy to tough to nearly impossible rather quickly, though, which makes it tempting to spend money, but you never really need to. Read on to find out how to win without spending any money!

Diamonds are the premium currency in Samurai Siege. You start out with a surprisingly large load of diamonds, but if you use them to speed up all of your training and your building upgrades, they will be gone before you know it. Save your diamonds until you really need them. Maximize the number of dojos that you have, and use all of your dojos at the same time for the most efficient training that you can do for free.

Want to construct buildings faster? One good thing to use your diamonds on is to spend them on upgrading the carpenter’s shack so that you can knock off three jobs at a time. You can replenish some of your diamonds for free by completing special diamond stages in the single player mode (the ones with a picture of a diamond above them), and by participating in alliance wars.

Maximize the number of the resource producing and resource storage buildings that are in your base. Markets and essence wells collect jade coins and essence, while the coin vault and essence storage hold them. Upgrade them as high as you can get them, and keep ugprading the castle so that you can maximize your maximum number of each building.

Take a bunch of ninjas on random raids in the multiplayer mode because they will go for the resource buildings first. They’re next to useless in the single player story missions, because story missions typically have insanely powerful defenses yet don’t have much in the way of resource. Ninjas really shine in multiplayer mode, though, as players tend to have weak and spotty defenses. Find a good spot to send them all in, and they’ll immediately go for all resource buildings. Send in some other troops such as samurai to distract the defensive towers if you need to.

Send in the minimum amount of troops necessary to finish a battle to prevent having to spend more time and essence on them. Find someone who doesn’t have many resources or whose base looks too difficult to beat? Hit the “next” button for 200 coins until you come to an easy base. Also, ask for troops from your alliance for really tough battles – but don’t forget to send troops back as a courtesy to those who helped you out.