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Sandstorm: Pirate Wars – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars is a ship-battling RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. The battles in this game go down much like the pirate ship battles in the classic Sega RPG Skies of Arcadia, as you and another post-apocalyptic Mad Max-esque air boat fly side to side, firing your weapons at each other and utilizing strategies to take each other down. You fight against computer controlled enemies, as well as other players, for nuts and power cells. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sandstorm: Pirate Wars!

As you complete various battles you will earn new pieces of equipment, beginning with the Grape Shot that you find in your inventory right at the beginning of the game. Constantly upgrade and add to your equipment as frequently as possible, and when you have the parts to do so, upgrade your existing rare equipment to power it up even further.

Don’t just look at the power level of your equipment either. Be aware of what the uses of each type are. For example, you really only need one shield type, since the shield type merely revives your shield. Replace the other shield type with another different evasive maneuvers. And have multiple different weapon types, as the different varieties (rocket, laser, mini gun etc) are strong or weak against different types of enemy targets.

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Once you unlock the tavern, always be sure to have something going there so that you can continually earn nuts. Use nuts for such things as opening more crates, to purchase new ships, or to upgrade your existing ships. Upgrading your ship is a necessity in order to be able to equip the most highly powered weapons. Oftentimes, for that reason, an upgrade can be better than buying a new ship altogether.

The main way to get the three materials necessary for upgrading a weapon is to recycle your other weapons and support modules. Recycle as many of them as you can; the rarer ones obviously will give you far more materials per recycle than the common ones will, but the common ones are still good to get rid of. This also makes some space in your inventory for new stuff.

Fight in the pirate arena as often as possible in order to move up in the ranks. The higher you rank up, the more nuts you will earn as a reward, as well as other goodies that you can get depending on your rank. The battles continually get tougher though, so it’s all the more important to stay upgraded.