Sausage Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Sausage is an extension of the Sausage Run franchise by Crazy Labs where your goal is to knock the other sausages off of the level and become the victor. You can unlock all sorts of new skins, play on various maps, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Sausage!

In the game itself, your goal is, of course, to finish first. The easiest way to do that is to knock out as many other sausages as you can. You can swipe directionally to change directions, and you can tap in order to attack.

Your attacks push back the sausage that they hit, but you have to hit them into a certain area in order to knock them out. You have two options. You can either make your opponent fall off of a stage, or you can knock them into a weapon, such as a cleaver or a meat-tenderizing hammer.

Each time you knock off a sausage, you grow in size, and when you grow, your attacks will knock opponents back further. Get as many knock-offs as early as you can so that you can grow bigger, because if you hang back for too long and stay small, it might become impossible to eliminate the last sausage or two.

You can unlock all sorts of skins as you go on through the game. You’ll see many of them when yo are playing. Some will be dressed like Elsa from Frozen, some will be dressed like Donald Trump, and some will be dressed like sharks. So you can use these as previews of various skins.

Right now, there is no level-up function in the game, but expect that to be added later on. If it does get added, then you’ll earn more experience points for higher-level finishes, and when it does get added, you’ll be able to get new skins for various experience-point levels.

If you’re annoyed by the ads (doubtful, since there aren’t that many of them in this game), then you can get rid of them by hitting the crossed-out “ADS” button. If you do, you’ll be able to pay $1.99, or whatever the equivalent is in your local currency, in order to get rid of all ads in the game.

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