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Schools of Magic – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Schools of Magic is a new iOS and Android game that’s half role-playing game, half city-building. Your goal is to build your very own school of magic, and then use it to upgrade and educate your wizard, who then quests across the world and mixes it up with a number of magical villains. Read on for some tips and tricks for Schools of Magic!

Battling in this game requires quite a bit of strategy and speed. The attacks happen in real time, not turn-for-turn, so you have to attack and defend quickly or you are going to get overrun. Alternate back and forth between spells and physical attacks in order to be able to attack at maximum speed. Make sure to stop the attack bar in the optimal range for maximum damage.

However, a little trick can speed up your attacking. Tap the bar right when it pops up, rather than waiting for it to get to the optimal point, and the attack will do less damage but happen far more quickly, allowing it to begin recharging quicker. The faster attacks will often make up for the lower damage from these attacks.

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In addition, don’t slack on defense. When an attack is coming, tap your character and pick the defense you prefer to use. If you end up getting attacked without using your defense then you’re going to take far more damage than you have to, and in a tough fight, that means the difference between a victory and a defeat. Tap your character literally right when you see an enemy make a move. Any slower and you might not have enough time to pick defense.

Often you will get matched into battles that you have no hope of beating at the present time, so instead of trying and losing, go instead to one of the areas that you have beaten already and battle again for more rewards, more equipment and more experience points. Once you are sufficiently powered up so that the difficulty level indicated on the tough level switches from red or yellow to green or blue, try it again.

Run out of room to build stuff in your school? Start moving buildings around and placing them as close together as possible in order to make more room in your school. Only when this ceases to help should you start clearing trees out, since clearing trees gives you no benefits other than extra room in your school and costs coins to do. However, you’re not going to be able to avoid it because each time your player level increases, new buildings will unlock in the store.