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Scrabble Pics – All Puzzle and Levels Guide: Full Walkthrough and Spoilers, Page 3

As follows is a list of even more answers to the puzzles in Scrabble Pics. Just as before, these are all of the words that go from left to right, rather than from up to down. Of course, due to the structure of the game, it doesn’t really matter too much whether you get the answers one way or another, but I digress. Read on!

Puzzle 61: Pal, Unite, Maniac, Please, Oared, Grade
Puzzle 62: Rack, Cipher, Aspire, Relent, Prefer, Sly
Puzzle 63: Step, Tuned, Mortar, Albino, Teacup, Nets
Puzzle 64: Cop, Scope, Scouts, Armpit, Lemon, Twang

puzzle 65: Raps, Metro, Nectar, Amount, Bounce, Speed
Puzzle 66: Saga, Shell, Coral, Revise, Uneasy, Shell
Puzzle 67: Dab, Swell, Liable, Attain, Vetted, Assess
Puzzle 68: Boas, Touch, Chance, Rescue, Attest, Masses

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Puzzle 69: Laps, Beret, Oracle, Finale, Feeder, Frets
Puzzle 70: LED, Payers, Useful, Feline, Fringe, Desk
Puzzle 71: Snot, Pecan, Little, Intake, Delved, Seeds
Puzzle 72: Skim, Inmate, Teared, Aging, Dense, Deer

Puzzle 73: Slugs, Ladle, Tendon, Recess, Averse, Yes
Puzzle 74: Sac, Batch, Tomato, Orator, Insure, Less
Puzzle 75: Gasp, Castle, Outrun, Aghast, Temper, Sassy
Puzzle 76: Ream, Sauna, Matron, Alter, Polka, Sneak

Puzzle 77: Slab, Pails, Borrow, Engine, Agenda, Merger
Puzzle 78: Ring, Meteor, Usable, Delude, Tile, Cans
Puzzle 79: Soft, Pries, Agents, Cannot, Endive, Sew
Puzzle 80: Seek, False, Evict, Locate, Triple, Steel

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