Scramble with Friends token cheat: How to get free tokens

Scramble with Friends by Zynga is one of the most addicting games that you can play on your iPhone or Android with friends, but if you have been playing for long enough you will know that it can get massively annoying trying to wait for more tokens to come after you run out. Fear not because there is a way to cheat the system and completely refill your tokens without having to spend any money.

The way you do that is to change the time on your phone. The Scramble with Friends counter runs off of your phone’s clock, so by changing the clock you can bypass the normal waintime to get a new token. For the free version, for example, where you have to wait fifteen minutes for a new token, setting your phone clock 2 hours back will give you four free tokens, and setting it 5 hours back can refill an entire empty token bar.

There is only one caveat, though. When you set your phone back to the normal time, you will lose your free tokens. One workaround for this is to set your phone to an earlier time before you begin playing the game. Set the phone to an earlier time before you play though. You won’t lose all of the tokens that you got over the lost time, though, just the amount that you played in the lost time. When you set your phone back five hours earlier, for example, you will lose the same amount of tokens that you have played within the past five hours. Once you run your tokens out, set it back to the real time and watch the free tokens pile up immediately.

Another way is to simply set your phone time later and later every time you want new tokens. Then when you go to bed or are otherwise done for awhile, reset the time and let them pile up as you rest.