Sea Game: Mega Carrier – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Sea Game: Mega Carrier is the newest MMORTS by Tap4Fun, who made some of the original iOS strategy games back in the day, like the now-defunct Galaxy Empire.

In this game, your goal is to build up your base and earn a ton of gold, gems, and oil, build a huge fleet of ships, and use them to attack computer-controlled Scylla fleets, other players, and more.

Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, strategies, and tricks for Sea Game: Mega Carrier!

At the beginning of the game, your best bet is to use the missions to figure out what to build next, but even though they give you all kinds of rewards, you don’t have to cash them immediately, especially if you’re worried about getting your stuff stolen as soon as your shield wears off.

If you don’t claim a reward, then other players won’t be able to steal the rewards. So save the rewards until you need them in order to build, research, train, or construct.

Join an alliance as soon as you can, especially an active one. Once you get past the point of 5-minute upgrades, you won’t be able to claim the free finish anymore, but an active alliance can finish your construction almost immediately.

Other alliance bonuses include research, rewards, and being able to send troops to other members who are engaged in battle, as well as receive troops from them.

Upgrade your shipyards as quickly as possible before you construct ships.

Every few levels or so, you’ll unlock the next tier of battleship, carrier, or whatever the given ship is, so get to this level as quickly as possible and then construct as high a number as possible of the best ships that you can.

As you upgrade your headquarters more and more, you’ll be able to upgrade your shipyards (and everything else) higher and get better ships.

Your megacarrier is the leader of your fleet, and you can level it up in order to power it up, or you can upgrade by unlocking an entirely new megacarrier.

You can get a free megacarrier by completing quest progress to repair it (Bluespace is the first one that you can unlock) to automatically increase your megacarrier’s rarity with that new unlock.

You can also upgrade your megacarrier to increase all of its stats, or you can save your upgrade materials for the rarer megacarrier.

Tap the lower left hammer buttons to automatically find the next thing in the queue to upgrade, and tap the next unfulfilled mission in order to see what to upgrade and/or build next.

Don’t be afraid to deviate once in awhile, though; go to the lab to add talent points to various aspects of combat, construction, and other areas.

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