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Sea Hero Quest – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Sea Hero Quest is a new game for the iOS and Android by Glitchers and Deutsche Telekom. This game, believe it or not, is designed to help scientists and doctors research new ways to diagnose dementia. Your goal is to navigate a ship through unknown waters, finding the checkpoints and completing other tasks, such as shooting a flare. The data is then anonymized and send to the scientists. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sea Hero Quest!

Before you begin a level, take a very good look at the map that pops up so that you can see where the checkpoints are. Remember the direction you’ll have to turn from the start to checkpoint 1, then 2, then 3, and so on and so forth. Plan your route before you even begin the level.

Getting that three-star score depending a lot on the speed at which you do things. Any time that you are not actively turning, swipe upwards on the screen to boost the speed of your ship. This will take you to where you’re going a lot more quickly as opposed to just letting off the screen and watching your ship go straight.

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Occasionally you’ll get the chance to take a picture of a creature that you have been chasing. These levels play more like endless runner games at the beginning. Tap to the left to shift to the left lane, and tap to the right to shift to the lane to the right of you. Make sure that you don’t run into the rocks or you will end up having to start the level over.

Once you get to the creature, your level score will be determined by the quality of the picture. Wait for the camera icon and the target to be inside of one another, and then take the pic. Do this and you will get a three-star score every single time.

At a certain point, if you don’t have enough stars you won’t be able to advance forward. When this happens, go back to level where you have one or two stars, then try it again and again until you get that third star. Go for older levels first, then work your way to more recent ones as you go.