Second Earth – Tips and Cheats: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

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Second Earth is a new MMORTS game for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s another of the many Clash of Clans-alikes, but this is one of the more well-done ones out there. Your goal is to build up your new base on an alien planet, train a bevy of robots and defensive units, participate in battles, join up in a guild, and team up with your fellow guild members. Read on for some tips and tricks for Second Earth!

When you are completing the tutorial of the game, you will be prompted to spend a lot of Ntrium, which is the premium currency of the game. You will get back, via quest rewards, the same amount that you spend; however, if you just let the quest tasks (buildings, upgrades, etc) finish on their own, you will earn the Ntrium anyways without having to spend it. Do this for the whole tutorial and you’ll end up fairly loaded with free Ntrium.

One of the main differences between Second Earth and Clash of Clans is that you don’t have to wait any time at all for any of your troops to train. Because of this, you won’t ever need to build more than one barracks. You’ll be able to battle endlessly knowing this, just as long as you have enough Plasma to keep troops trained. You can sell back any troop and get all of your plasma back as well, just in case you change your battle strategy.

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Do what they call in Clash of Clans “The pocket base” – where your most important buildings are each surrounded by walls on all four sides apiece. Your important buildings are your resource storages, your gold and plasma collectors, and your command center. Everything else is fairly nonessential. Load up on traps and on defensive buildings in order to protect yourself from getting destroyed.

For extra protection from losing resources, leave your command center way outside of the walls. You’ll get attacked by people with the minimal amount of troops (especially if it is in the opposite corner of the base from your other stuff), which will give you a shield. This shield time can be used to build up resource again, and to protect yourself from getting more resources stolen by others.

Any strategy that you used in Clash of Clans will generally work here, since all of the troops have the same profile (Hammer = Barbarian, Gunner = Archer, Robo = Goblin, etc). The main difference is that the total area of the base is less than half the size. That means less places to send your troops in. Defensively, place a wall every 3 empty spaces in any direction, with just one tiny little space for rivals to spawn. Stick all of your defensive towers there and your rivals will have a hard time surviving.

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