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Secret Passages: Hidden Objects Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Secret Passages: Hidden Objects is a new hidden object game (d’oh!) by Pocket Gems for the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. As an investigator who knows a little bit more than the usual investigator, you and your crew search for artifacts and secret passageways that lead straight from one side of the world to the other, such as from England to Japan. Read on for some tips and tricks for Secret Passages: Hidden Objects!

You have to spend coins to unlock new stages, and gems in order to get more energy, and earning coins is done by trading in artifacts that you play for coins. The more times that you play a particular stage, the more of that artifact that you will earn. Make sure to also keep track of the quests that you’re accomplishing, because you’ll earn LOTs of gems and some coins when you complete them.

Maximize your score (and your artifacts) by playing a stage over and over so that you can memorize the position of every single item on the stage. Use that memorization to tap the items as quickly as possible without having to use the camera, magnifying glass or the flashlights, and to maximize your multipliers.

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The more points you score, the faster you earn shovels as well, since your score is what drives the shovel bar up. Use your shovels to then dig and earn more coins and gems. It takes forever to rebuild brand new dig sites, so if you want to earn more coins and gems, go dig at the dig sites that you have already completed in order to have a higher likelihood of earning coins and gems.

Once you begin a stage, DO NOT put the phone down or attempt to do anything else until that stage is complete. If you put the phone down and the time on the stage runs out, you will lose the stage automatically, which will result in lost energy, which means more time that you have to wait until your energy bar fills up.

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