Serf Wars for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

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Serf Wars joins the ever growing genre of Facebook strategy games, and RPGs, but Serf Wars is a much lighter game than the rest of the crowd. It has the usual city building and base building aspects, but in addition, you also have a whole host of mini games and actual quests that you can go on. If you are new to Serf Wars or don’t know much about it, or haven’t played it and you want to learn about it before you start, this is the guide for you.

Your kingdom is build with three things: people, happiness, and food. Building houses (first hovels, then different cottages, and so on and so forth) adds people, building farms adds food, and building decorations increases the happiness of your town. You can’t upgrade buildings in this game, so you need to delete old buildings to make room for new buildings once you start unlocking stuff, and when you run out of room to build. Either that, or you can buy expansions later on (either for Facebook Credits or game coins)

Your barracks allow you to start building your army. Unlike other similar games of this genre, your army doesn’t battle against other players’ armies. Instead, you use your map to go on quests that involve some RPG-like battles, and your knights will fight those battles for you, earning you money and experience points. You can unlock other types of fighters besides knights, as well. You can equip your knights and other fighters with new weapons and armor that increase both their attack and defense, which helps in fights later on.

The mini games are perhaps one of the best aspects of this game. Each mini game is a semi-familiar game that allows you to compete for the highest score that you can get, both against your neighbors and against your own high scores. For example, Snake ‘n Bake is similar to the old cell phone game “Snake” from the early to mid 2000s, and Salaboundin’ is a platformer in which your character runs, and you hit enter to help them jump to avoid obstacles and enemies. The farther your character goes and the more strawberries your character gets, the more points you get. For all of these games, more points equals out to more coins and experience points. You can unlock new buildings to build that will unlock more minigames for you to play, as well. With each minigame, you can submit your score three times a day, and each time you submit your score, you get money and experience depending on how much you score, so if you get a low score in a round, don’t submit it, just play again.

That’s all for now! Tips? Post as comments!

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