How to get more Tickets and Gems in Series: Your Story Universe

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Series: Your Story Universe is an interactive story game for the iOS and Android platforms that puts you into your favorite shows and movies, from classics like The Breakfast Club to modern ones like Jane the Virgin and Vanderpump Rules.

You can play multiple episodes of each story and make choices for each character, but you need tickets and gems to make it happen.

Read on for a guide on how to get more gems and tickets in Series: Your Story Universe!

Tickets are the main “energy” limiter in this game. You need tickets to play an episode of the game, and playing episodes is how you advance the story.

The main way to get free tickets in this game is to finish an episode. For each episode you finish, you get one ticket. So don’t leave any episodes incomplete.

Other than that, you can buy more tickets via in-app purchases.

As far as gems go, you have a lot of decisions to make within each episode. Some of the choices are free, while some of them require you to spend gems in order to make them.

Of course, the gem choices are the ones that you usually want to make the most. But there’s seemingly never enough gems to make the choices that you want to make.

The main way to get more gems, of course, is to buy them using in-app purchases. Do this and you’ll have enough gems to make a few premium choices, but save them for the story arcs that you really want to explore.

Other than that, you can earn one free gem at a time whenever you finish an episode. So finish episodes, rack up the gems, and then when you win some gems, go back to them in order to do the choices that you really wanted to do in the first place.

Stay tuned for updates to the game. With future updates, the developers may add some more chances to get free gems. Either that, or they will addd deals that allow you to get more gems and tickets for less money.

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