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Seven Knights – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Seven Knights is new to the English-speaking market, but this very good-looking anime RPG has been a smash hit in South Korea for longer. Your goal is to get a band of heroes together, far more than seven, not all of which are knights, and quest through the world, bashing through hordes of enemies as well as battling it out against other players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Seven Knights!

Powering up your heroes is the main way to upgrade them, but if you don’t have any spare heroes to sacrifice, all that you have to do if you are stuck on a tough battle is to go back to old and play them again for the experience points. Rack them up quickly especially when you have just added a new rare hero to your party, so that you can catch them up to the rest of your party.

Once a hero is over level 30, you can fuse them with the same type of hero as long as they have been powered up to a level of +5, you have another hero of the same type to sacrifice and of the same star rarity. Fusing heroes will bring about big boosts.

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Not only should you make sure to equip each hero with one weapon and one armor piece, but if you have a rare item, power it up and sacrifice the common items in order to make it happen. You can buy them in the shop, or purchase item tickets, which are far cheaper than the hero tickets are.

In each battle, you can add friends, so that their fighters can help. If you don’t have any in the game, go to the friends area, then tab over to ‘search’ and add the recommended friends listed. The more you add, the better the chances of having them add you back, so you can use each others’ fighters in battle.

Speed through leveling up by hitting the “quick start” button after every battle. You’ll increase your player level that way too, which is a requirement for unlocking various game modes, such as the daily dungeon and (later, after the next update) the raid mode.