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Shade Spotter: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Shade Spotter is a new endless… something app where your goal is to, well, spot the shade. No, not the kind of shade that Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks throw back and forth, but the shaded square. Spot the shaded square out of a whole big field of other squares, and then do this as many times as you can before the time runs out in the round. Sound dumb? Don’t worry, it’s insanely addicting and tough. Read on for some tips and tricks for Shade Spotter!

It’s always recommended to start off on the easiest mode in this game. Different colors have different difficulties when it comes to finding the shaded square, so starting off on easy mode can help you figure out the hard and easy colors easier, and how much of a color difference to look for. Of course, colors get closer together as the game goes on, but that’s what the practice is for.

With medium and hard modes, it’s very hard to tell the color. Make sure that your screen is as clean as absolutely possible or else the smudges and dirt will go a long way in obscuring the appearance of the screen, thus making it much more difficult to tell which squares are the shaded ones.

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Still need an edge? Start messing with the settings in your phone. Turn the brightness up and down. Tilt the screen to one side or the other to change the glare on the screen, as sometimes tilting it from side to side can bring out the color differences on really hard levels.

Beyond that, there are even more settings that you can mess with on your phone. Go to the accessibility settings and try all of them. Put on the grayscale, or increase the contrast on your phone. You can even try inverting the colors, or using the zoom function to make each of the squares just a litle bit bigger. Or try messing with all of the settings at the same time just to see how you do.

Getting sick of the ads? All that you have to do to make them go away for free is to switch your phone or tablet into airplane mode, or to turn off the WiFi if that is your only data connection. Generally it’s not recommended to do that, though, as the ads are the developers’ livelihood and will pay for the creation of more games.