Shadow Fight 2 – How to get free coins, energy and gems

Shadow Fight 2 is a unique new fighting game for the iOS and Android platforms that puts you in the shoes of a ninja whose goal is to fight your way through an endless number of enemy ninjas and eventually make it to the top. To do this you need equipment, but to get new equipment you need more coins and gems. Coins are the common currency of Shadow Fight 2, with gems taking their place as the rare and expensive currency. Read on to find out how to get more of both currencies in Shadow Fight 2!

Coins, as previously noted, are the easiest currency to earn more of. The main way to earn more coins is to fight and win. It doesn’t matter where you fight – any fight on the map is good for coins if you win. If you earn a higher hit style (hard, brutal, etc) you will earn more coins as a bonus.

Whenever you are stuck anywhere, survival is always one of the best methods to earn more coins. The more rival ninjas you defeat in one round, the more coins you earn. As you earn coins, use them to power up your weapons, armor and helmets, and (later on) magic and ranged attacks so that you can have a much easier time battling all of the rival ninjas.

Free energy is very easy to get. Simply set the time ahead on your phone or tablet once the energy runs out, then go back to Shadow Fight 2 and the energy bar will be refilled. It’s about five minutes per energy point, so if you run your energy all the way out and then set the time ahead by half an hour, you will be good to go every time.

Gems are the premium currency of the game. The main way to get free gems is to complete achievements. Go to the menu, then to the picture of the ninja (where you normally upgrade skills at), then to the ribbon icon. You can see a whole list of achievements that you have not yet completed as well as collect rewards for the ones that have already been completed.

You get one free gem each time that you gain a level. In addition, you get loads of free coins whenever you defeat a bodyguard. You’ll earn some large sums of money every time that you beat the last round of a tournament, as well, and even the third-to-last and second-to-last rounds will provide unusually large rewards.

Finally, go to the store menu and in the bottom menu a “free gems” logo will be there. Hit that and you’ll have two methods of earning free gems. You can either complete offers via Tapjoy, or you can watch advertisement videos for one gem each.