Shadow Fight 2 – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide, Page 2

The best way to get caught off guard in the middle of a fight is to attack too early while your enemy is still recovering. If they recover in the middle of your failed attack, you’ll be extremely vulnerable, and they will usually take full advantage and start hammering on you. So wait until you know your enemy is fully recovered in order to attack. Consequently, attack them right away if you catch them on the backswing of a missed attack.

You can only do one duel every four hours or so. If you want to speed up the cooldown time for the duel, though, do the same trick that you would normally do to recover all of your energy immediately, and set the time ahead on your phone or your tablet. Then go back to Shadow Fight 2 to be able to do the duel immediately.

The difficulty levels of each battle are not hard and fast rules. They are more like guidelines, as even enemies at the insane and impossible difficulty levels can be beaten by a skilled enough player. The key to winning in these battles is avoiding their attacks, getting in your attacks only when you can.

Getting backed into a corner is one of the surest ways to lose a match. Avoid this by making smart use of your jumps and your rolls. Up-diagonal lets you jump in one direction, and down-diagonal lets you roll in one direction, and you can jump or roll past an enemy to get out of corners. You can also jump or roll backwards to avoid attacks, although this tends to be very risky and opens you up to get hit while you recover from the maneuver.

Though it may seem cheap, oftentimes the cheapest attacks are the best attack. Usually, these consist of the standard punch attack and the forward + punch combo. Sit back, wait for the enemy to get vulnerable (e.g. to jump, roll or to attack and not hit anything), then unleash over and over and repeat as needed.

Land the right combo attacks and you can cause the enemy’s helmet or armor to be damaged, causing them to take damage far more quickly afterwards. If you can cause the enemy to lose their weapons by effectively parrying attacks, then you’ll cause their attack power to drop severely, as well as their attack range (unless they were using glove weapons to begin with).

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