Shadow Fight 2 – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Shadow Fight 2 is a new iOS and Android game that blends fighting game mechanics with RPG elements. You’re a brand new ninja, and your goal is to fight through a seemingly endless array of rival ninjas, fighters and demons in order to become the top ninja in the land. Read on for some tips and tricks for Shadow Fight 2!

You only have five energy max at a time, and each time that you fight, whether you win or lose, you use one of your energy points. You normally have to buy more energy, watch an ad video in order to earn more, or wait for it to come back. You can set the time ahead in your phone or tablet’s settings in order to instantly recover your energy, though. Go back to Shadow Fight 2 and it will be refilled. Then if you go back to the date and time settings and set the time back to normal, and go back to Shadow Fight 2, it will still be there.

The punching bag in the dojo might seem pointless, but practice all of your attacks here so that you can perfect the timing and the execution. Know your attacks and know the moves that you need to do in order to pull them off. Go back here each time that you purchase a new weapon, because each weapon has its own set of moves that you need to practice.

Mashing buttons will make you no headway towards winning any battles. Instead, watch for the enemy to attack, and choose a different attack depending on the distance and what you are trying to accomplish. Back them off with kicks of various heights. Kicks are great for an easy setup batch of hits, but punches (and weapon strikes) are what do the real damage, so set those up with the kicks or simply with good timing.

Whenever you are having trouble with a stage, go to the duel or the survival round and play for awhile to earn more coins, which you can then use to upgrade your weapons, armor and helmet or to purchase new ones.

One of the most common sources for free gems (aside from the single free gem that you earn each time that you gain one experience level) is to complete the various achievements. Hit the “menu” button, hit the fourth button from the top, then the icon that looks like a prize ribbon at the bottom of the screen in order to see your achievements and to earn your rewards.

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