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Shady Wars – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Yep, the latest celeb to have his own mobile game is none other than Eminem. This one is extremely unique, though. You play as Em’s alterego, the infamous Slim Shady, and you move side to side catching icons and song lyrics, which drop in tandem with the Eminem songs that play in the background, and the better you do, the more songs you can unlock. Read on for some tips and tricks for Shady Wars!

The lyrics come down quickly and furiously from the very beginning, so you have to be very fast with your thumb. Swipe from side to side at high speed and catch the lyrics by sideswiping them if you can’t get underneath them in time. The result is still the same, and the quick sections will be far easier to beat.

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As you play through stages you can earn coins, and you’ll get offers to watch videos for coins as well. Coins can buy all kinds of power ups – for one, you can purchase new characters such as Eminem (non-Shady), Royce Da 5’9″ and Yelawulf. Power-ups can also be purchased which will aid Eminem’s shooting abilties, give him a shield, or an extra life.

Watch out for all of the drones that appear. As you go from level to level, more and more powerful drones will begin to appear, so you’ll have to stay on point in order to kill them. Shoot a chainsaw at them by letting go of the screen, then tapping it again in order to hit them. Hit them as quickly as possible in order to keep chasing lyrics without having to worry about them killing you.

You have multiple difficulty tiers not only of each stage within a league, but you can play multiple leagues as well, which are unlockable by earning enough stars on each song in the current league that you are in. You can also buy the Rap Star league by spending five dollars in real life money (or whatever the equivalent is in your country).

The best unlcok, though, is the Rap Bonus, which can be unlocked by beating Til It’s Gone battle 2 in the rap baby mode. This is unique because the songs are ever-changing and are limited edition, which allows for possibly bigger rewards due to the limited-edition nature of the songs.