Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn (mobile) – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is the sequel to and reboot of the classic Shaq Fu for the SNES and Sega Genesis. While the original was a fighting game, this one is a classic Final Fight-style beat-em-up, pitting Shaq against a wide variety of enemies in six different levels. Your goal is to figure out strategies to defeat all of your enemies, make it past the given levels, and save the world as Shaq. Read on for some tips and tricks for Shaw Fu: A Legend Reborn!

Your main enemies are the little warriors in the rice farmer hats. These guys are easy to beat – just kick them until they go away. Pay attention to the ones that hold weapons, though. When you beat them, they’ll drop their weapons. Hit the green button with the exclamation point to pick up their weapons, which do significantly more damage than your kicks do.

The enemy with the shield is easy to beat when you have the weapons – just hit them twice and they’re gone. If you don’t have the weapon, then they can be a lot tougher. Without a weapon, your best bet is to jump behind them when the attack, then hit them until they turn around. Repeat until they’re dead.

If you need to back out of the game and shut it down, wait until you either beat a boss or pass a checkpoint. If you pass a checkpoint, then you can start over from the checkpoint later on in the game whenever you come back. Beat a boss, and you can restart from when you defeated the boss. Otherwise, you have to go back from the last checkpoint, which can take quite a bit of time when you start back over.

Bosses can be extremely tough to defeat due to massive amounts of health. The key is to figure out how to avoid all of their attacks so that you can gradually wear them down and beat them without taking damage, or while taking minimal amounts of damage. Typically, a good avoidance strategy is to jump over their attacks, land on the other side, and hit them once. Or, hit them once or twice, then back off, so that their next swing misses you.

Many of the items found in each level can be destroyed in order to earn blue balls, green balls, and coins. Blue balls are the most important, as they restore your health, so destroy everything from barrels to washing machines in order to find them. Whenever you find an Icy Hot, pick it up too, as it will restore you to full health. Typically they appear right after you reach a checkpoint.