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Shooting Hoops (iOS/Android): Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and High Score Guide

Shooting Hoops is a new endless basketball game by the Frosty Pop Corps for the iOS and Android platforms with a twist, which is that the basketball has a gun barrel sticking out of it, and you have to shoot in the right direction for it to go into the basket. You can earn gems and compete for the highest possible score and for the best global score against other players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Shooting Hoops for the iOS and Android!

You have to tap in order to shoot, and when you shoot, the ball will go flying in the opposite direction that the barrel is aiming. So if the barrel is aiming to the right, the ball will move to the left. If the barrel is aiming down, then the ball will move up. Control the aim of the barrel in order to make accurate shots and land in the basket.

You can either get one or two points depending on the type of shot that you make. If the shot bounces off of the rim first, and then goes into the hoop. then you earn one point. If the ball hits nothing but net, then you’ll earn two points for the shot. The higher that the ball falls from, the better your chances of getting the two-point shot.

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When you see a gem, collect them and you can eventually spend them on balls. You can find other power-ups in the level, too. If you see a yellow capsule, that resets all of your shots. If you see a red capsule, it gives you unlimited shots for about thirty seconds. If you see a burger, pick that up to earn some bonus points.

Once you earn fifty gems, you can then spend them on a brand new ball. The ball will look different but the performance will be exactly the same. Every time that you get fifty gems, you can go to the ball store and spend them on a brand new ball for a little bit of customization.

After you finish a level, you’ll be able to double your gem earnings by watching a video ad, as long as you have an internet connection. To do this, when you’re at the main menu, tap on the button that says 2x. A video ad will play, and when then the ad is done, the gems from the previous round will be doubled. This is best used when you earn a high number of gems in one round.