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Shooty Skies – How to get the secret hidden mystery characters, page 2

Zombunnie (Click for video tutorial) is another hidden character who has been recently discovered. Unlock him by first unlocking and using Fuzzy Bunny. Move your character to the side somewhere, setting your character on a straight path, not firing at all, but instead charging your weapon for a very long time (pick a position to avoid shots). Then get shot and you will unlock Zombunnie. You may need to unload your charge right before you die/get shot, so do that if it doesn’t work the first time.

Drama Llama took forever to unlock but it’s finally been figured out. The developers said it was based on an old man’s music joke and that it involves two characters who are right next to each other. The key is to unlock Hooty and Blobby (obscure reference to Hootie and the Blowfish) and get good-to-great scores or high scores with both of them. Then you will unlock the Drama Llama.

Recently the game has been updated as well. There have been Halloween characters added to the game. They are Frankie, Flying Dutchman, Ghost Smusher, Werewolfgang, Wanda, and Vlad. These aren’t secret characters at all; they can be unlocked in the gacha just like everyone else. However, they relate to the next secret character. Credit to CraniumCode for finding this out.

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Morty is the next hidden character on the list. He looks like a bunny with a black costume on. The way to get Morty is to first, unlock every single one of the six new Halloween characters. Then, play as each one of them, and die as each one of them. Once you die as the last of them, you will unlock Morty.

(UPDATE)Zombie Kitty is the final secret character and the second Halloween one. To get the Zombie Kitty, play as Shooty Cat, and get to the boss. Occasionally, the boss motto “It’s shambling this way!” will pop up, and you’ll fight a pink zombie-looking thing. Smash your plane into the zombie boss, and then you’ll unlock the Zombie Kitty. Hat tip to Yamagi and PixelHero for this one.

Also, the bug has been fixed that was stopping people from unlocking more than one hidden character at a time. Now you can unlock any hidden character at any time, regardless of which previous hidden characters you have already unlocked.

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