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Shooty Skies – How to get the secret hidden mystery characters

Shooty Skies is the latest game by the crew that developed Crossy Road – this time teamed up with two Australian game industry veterans in a company called Mighty Games. This game features loads of characters that can be unlocked by paying 500 coins in the gacha, but there are characters who cannot be unlocked that way. Their names don’t show up in the store – only silhouettes. These secret hidden characters can only be unlocked by specific actions in the game. Read on for the methods to unlock the secret characters in Shooty Skies!

The first of the secret characters, and arguably the easiest to unlock, is Pew Pew Pew. To unlock him, you have to hold down on the screen for a long time consecutively and last awhile, firing your gun an unspecified but very high number of times. You need to play as one of the characters with the old western style background for this trick to work. It doesn’t matter which character as long as the old west appears on the background.

(NOTE: currently the rest of the secret characters stop appearing once you unlock any one secret character with the possible exception of the Hipster Whale. Until the developers work this glitch out, you can only fix this by deleting and then reinstalling the game) This previous note is invalid and is no longer the case after the latest update to Shooty Skies.

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Another character is Hipster Whale (click for YouTube tutorial), famous from the name of the Crossy Road developers whom make up a part of the Mighty Games crew. To do this, you have to play as the Crossy Chicken. During one of the boss battles (this happens randomly), the boss warning “Crossy Boss Approaching” will pop up. Beat the boss and then die and you will unlock the Hipster Whale.

Sparkles the unicorn is another one of the hidden mystery characters. To get Sparkles, keep playing until you see a TV with a rainbow cat (Nyan Cat?) pop up, shooting rainbows at you. Destroy the TV. Once you die, you’ll unlock Sparkles. Many people have reported Rattles as being the best chance at unlocking Sparkles.

Sir Oinks-a-lot is KIND of a secret character, but you can’t unlock him in the game besides with an in-app purchase. The reason for this one is fairly simple. Once you unlock Sir Oinks-a-lot, you will get double all of your coins for the remainder of the duration that you play this game for.

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