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Shooty Skies – How to get unlimited free coins

Shooty Skies is a new shmup/bullet hell by Mighty Games, a collaboration of developers that includes Hipster Whale’s Matt Hall and Andy Sum. This shooter features a ton of characters to unlock as well as prizes to earn, but to do that you must earn coins. You can get a lot of coins the conventional ways, and you can cheat for free coins as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to get more coins in Shooty Skies!

As you may know, you get free coins every so often, with the cooldown timer on the coin boxes increasing until it tops out at 6 hours. Set your push notifications for the free coin alert and them come back as soon as it goes off so that you can earn your coins and start the cooldown again.

Or, cheat with the cooldown timer. You can set the time on your phone or tablet ahead to skip the cooldown and earn the coin box immediately. You can load up on a ton of coins in a very short amount of time this way. The only downside to doing this is that when you set the time back to normal, the time that you cheated off of the cooldown will be added back in again, so you’ll have a huge cooldown before you get any free coin boxes again.

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You can always earn free coins by hitting the “free coins” button whenever you finish a round. If you do this, an advertisement video will pop up, and when you finish watching it, you will earn somewhere between 125 and 250 coins – not as much as you will with the free boxes, but they add up VERY quickly over time. The faster you die, the faster the ad video pop ups come back.

You normally earn one coin each whenever you pick up a coin during battle. You can purchase Sir Oinks-a-lot though, and that will turn into two coins earned per coin that you pick up. This goes for whatever character you use after you make the purchase, not just Oinks-a-lot himself.

Spend your coins judiciously too. Whenever possible, get the 2-hour weapons boost by watching a video rather than by spending your coins for it. Watch a video to continue the round rather than spending the coins on the video. And when you get the two-hour weapons boost, use it all the way through so that you can go farther and earn more coins.