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Shooty Skies – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 3

If you want to get as many free coins as possible without doing the time cheat, set push notifications for the game so that you get an alert every time your free gift is ready to pick up. When the alert shows up, play a game and then die real quick, and you’ll get your free coins. Repeat every time and you’ll rack up the coins gradually over time.

When you’re not within your free gift time, you’ll get a pop up asking you if you want to “earn free coins” if you are playing with an internet connection at the moment (either mobile or wifi). Tap it and a video will begin playing, and when the video is done, you’ll earn somewhere between 125 and 250 free coins. Die quickly on each level to restart quicker, so that you can get the videos to come around more often.

The two weapons that cost a lot of coins and can’t be unlocked via videos are the Honey Badger Don’t Care and the Homing Missile. The Honey Badger Don’t Care is similar to the Homing Missile, except that every so often you shoot a honey badger out, and it will be aimed directly at an enemy, but it won’t track the enemy. It still does a significant amount of damage, allowing you more freedom to go off to the side and shoot while avoiding projectiles.

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All of the gun power-ups that you collect combine together, except for identical ones. For example, if you get the wide shot and the double gun, you’ll shoot wide AND double. If you have the Honey Badger on top of that, guess what will shoot out as well? And if you find enough orange boxes quickly enough, you’ll be able to have multiple wingmen at the same time.

Some enemies explode, and when they do they take out anyone who’s next to them. The giant arcade machines are one of the most common exploding enemies. In addition, if you take out a big red present that’s shaking, it will let a massive explosion go, resulting in the destruction of all small enemies on screen.

The longer that you keep your finger off of the screen when you charge your missiles, the more missiles you’ll charge. Leave your finger off of the screen until the last second so that a shot almost hits you, then tap the screen and move out of the way of the shot. You’ll send about 15 missiles at the same time in the direction of whoever shot you, plus anyone else that’s in the way.

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