Shop Titans: How To Get More Customers and Energy

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Shop Titans: Design and Trade is a new iOS and Android game where you start a shop, expand it, and sell all kinds of crafted items to customers of every stripe, from knights to druids to King Reinhold himself. Your shop has an energy mechanic, but it’s unlike most that you’ll see in other games.

Energy allows you to sell for a higher profit and buy items more cheaply, but when it runs out, you have to take steps in order to restore it. Of course, you can also maximize your energy so you can earn a massive amount of money.

Read on for a full guide to getting more customers and energy in Shop Titans: Design and Trade!

Before you do anything else, download Shop Titans on Bluestacks so that you can play on your desktop or laptop. Mac or PC, you can link your account to your iOS or Android account, so that you can keep playing without having to use your phone.

First, we’re going to clear up one misconception, and that is about prestige that you earn from various interior and exterior decorations. Prestige does not increase the amount of customers that you get or the rarity of the items that you craft; instead, it contributes to your position on the prestige leaderboards.

However, even though decorations don’t do anything from the prestige column, they do have one benefit when it comes to getting more energy. Customers will sometimes interact with the decor that you place around your store. Notice that when they do, they’ll give you energy for free.

Customers will always come to your shop, but you can take steps to get more of them. The main way to do so is to add more displays to your store, and to upgrade the displays that are already on your store shelves.

You’ll notice that when you craft items, they get added to your various displays, but if you run out of display space, they’ll get added to your storage. Customers will usually check out the displays first, so add more Vertical Racks, Tables, Shelves, and Mannequins to your store in order to increase your display space.

Eventually, you will run out of room inside of the store, so you will need to expand. Expand literally as soon as you can afford an expansion, and then fill the space in your store with more and more displays. Then craft more and more items so that you can stick them on your displays and draw large crowds into your store.

Another benefit of having more store displays is increasing your maximum energy. The more displays you have, the higher your energy storage is, so you can cause your maximum energy to increase significantly in order to deal with more and more customers.

Your counter can also be upgraded. The main use of a counter upgrade is to increase the amount of energy that you get from a standard sale; however, after counter level 2, the upgrades become prohibitively expensive, so it’s best to avoid them at that point.

To restore energy, discounting an item is your most basic technique. If you discount and item, and then sell it, you’ll get energy back. It’s best to do this with cheaper items, primarily; they’ll provide less energy than expensive ones, but you’ll also lose less money

Small-talk also lets you get some of your energy back, but there is a catch. The less energy you have, the more likely you are to succeed, and the more energy you have, the more likely you are to fail. If you fail, you lose 10% of your maximum energy, and if you succeed, you gain 10% of our maximum energy.

If you surcharge an item, you spend energy, but if you then refuse the customer AFTER surcharging, you gain the energy back. This brings up a more advanced strategy for when you really NEED energy, but use it sparingly, as you’ll lose out on some money this way, too.

When a customer comes up and you have just enough energy to surcharge them, then apply the surcharge, small-talk them, and then refuse them. You should mainly do this if you have a high max energy; otherwise, just discount them instead.

Another strategy with customers who you’re planning to discount, especially if you have almost no energy left, small-talk the customer first, and then discount them. Doing the small-talk first increases the chances for you to restore energy by doing this move.

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