Sick Bricks – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Sick Bricks marks the launch of a new franchise in very fast, comprehensive order. Not only is this iOS and Android game out, but so is the cartoon and the line of toys that go with it. Sick Bricks, despite being a Lego Movie ripoff, is a high-quality, very good looking game that is much more console-like than most free-to-play mobile games. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sick Bricks!

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Make use of anything that you can find in the area. An example is the police car in the main level at the very beginning. Initially you use it to knock down barriers, but after that you can pick it up multiple times, and you should pick it up so that you can make quick runs through many enemies for experience points and other goodies. The car will simply run over any enemies that you run it into.

Be sure to pick the right character to take on whoever you fight against. Against melee enemies you can get away with a melee character. You just have to make sure to play a hit-and-run game so that you avoid their attacks. If you barrel into battle too quickly and get attacked hardcore, you’ll end up getting killed fairly quickly. Be careful when you’re using a melee attacking character.

Ranged characters, such as Kantmiss (name ripoff much?) are more advantageous due to their range but they can only attack one enemy at a time, making it difficult when you are getting attacked by a large crowd. Hit and run works when you are using ranged characters, especially against other ranged character. Use ranged warriors as often as possible when you are trying to win tough battles without a care as to how long it takes.

Use the battle moves together rather than just sticking with one of them. The dash move, which is accomplished by double tapping, is one way to evade enemy attacks, especially projectiles or attacks by quicker melee enemies. Use it to get away from groups as well. Use your character’s special move whenever you can for just that little extra edge too.

Follow the on-screen arrows wheever you are looking for where to go next in order to complete the next mission. If you can’t find where to go next, walk around and break objects, killing enemes as needed

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