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Sir Match-a-lot – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Sir Match-a-lot is a new cartoonish medieval-themed matching game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to quest through a number of levels, completing the stages before the moves run out, and defeating monsters by making combinations before they defeat you. You can unlock power-ups and even unlock brand new worlds as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tips and Sir Match-a-lot!

You have three lives to start out the game, and whenever you lose a life, it takes half an hour to restore the life unless you ask your friends on Facebook. You can cheat and get more lives by going to the date and time settings and setting the time ahead by half an hour for every life that you want to restore. Go back to the game and the new lives will appear.

Once you do that, you can set the time back to normal and then go back to the game, and the new lives will still be there. If you don’t want to do the time cheat to get free lives or if the developers patch the trick, you can still open a games-only FB account and look for people who play that you can add. Look on groups dedicated to this game as well as Google Play or App Store review pages.

Coins are the premium currency of the game, and while the main way to earn them is to buy them, they appear far more frequently for free here than they do on other similar games. One surefire way to earn them is to go to the arena and battle whatever monsters are available. You also have a chance to earn power-ups this way.

Achievements are an even more surefire way to collect the premium stuff. Go to the hero menu, then to achievements, and you will either be able to claim prizes from unlocked achievements, or be able to see all of the locked achievements and figure out what you have to do in order to unlock them.

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Go to the quests for side-missions that involve more than just making it to the next level. For example, you can collect golden keys to open the prize cage, or you can collect lightning spheres in order to earn a sword. Go to the level specified in the sticker packs, if you haven’t earned said packs already, to try to unlock the sticker packs, and earn additional prizes in the process.