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Six! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Six! Is the latest title for the iOS and Android platform by Gram Games, the makers of 1010 and Merged, and is only the second game to dethrone Pokemon Go in the top spot on the App Store. The game presents you with a hexagon that is sitting on the block tower, and your goal is to remove as many pieces of the block tower as you can without dropping the hexagon off of the side of the tower. Read on for some tips and tricks for Six!

You get five points for every one of the pieces that you remove. Remove the right piece to drop the hexagon straight down, but the wrong pieces will cause it to roll. Be aware of when you will need to drop pieces in backwards order, from lower to higher. When you do, you will often need to drop them quickly so as not to tip over the top pieces.

You can get coins by dropping past a certain point on the tower, or by watching free advertisement video offers whenever they show up. If you have an internet connection, you can get an offer to pop up instantly. Do that simply by going to the hexagon shop (the button that looks like a shopping bag), and then backing out of it. If the video icon wasn’t there before, it will be there after you leave the shop.

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Some of the hexagons in the shop cost more than others. All of the hexagons will play the same way; all that changes is the look. The more expensive the hexagon, the more elaborate of a design it typically has. The cheap hexagons are typically one color with a solid border, while the more expensive ones have patterns or designs inside of them.

The challenges, unlike the standard mode, are not endless and are not randomized. Instead, you have to drop the hexagon a specific distance in order to collect all three of the available stars in the level. In the challenges levels, all of the blocks will be in the same locations each time that you play a specific stage, but each numbered stage will have different block sizes and locations, making for a more challenging batch of levels.

You can drop the hexagon a semi-reasonable distance just by tap-mashing directly underneath the hexagon. You’ll clear out random blocks but you can make it a pretty reasonable distance before dying if you do this, only stopping to clear out side blocks that are getting in the way of your hexagon.