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Sketchman (Ketchapp): Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Sketchman was a game from awhile ago on the App Store and Google Play that got pulled, but now it has been rebooted and rereleased with Ketchapp as the publisher and Miniclip as the developer. Your goal in this game is to run as far as you can while using your guns and your jumping skills to avoid obstacles and defeat endless enemies. Read on for some tips and tricks for the new and rebooted Sketchman for iOS and Android!

Your character can do three different tiers of jumps. First there is the main jump, and then there is the double jump, which is done by jumping when you’re already in midair. Then tap again, hold the screen, and your character will glide/float back down to the ground slowly. This makes it easy to get over almost any obstacle.

Hold the fire button to keep firing steadily, rather than tapping it over and over to get it to fire rapidly. However, you’ll have to tap and hold it again after you jump in order to start firing again once you are in the air. Smart air-firing is the key to taking out the hard-to-get obstacles above.

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The boss can be a bit of a pain in the butt, but generally he is very easy to beat if you are patient. Make sure that you time his shots first. If you are on the ground when he fires, it will be aimed at the ground. If you are in the air when he fires, his shot will be aimed at the air. Bait him to fire at the ground, then jump and shoot at him. Keep doing this until you finally kill the boss by taking away his entire health bar.

Save up your coins so that you can switch weapons. Your main gun is trusty but weak, but picking up a better gun changes everything. Purchase a new gun in the gun shop for much better fire power and a far better firing rate, which especially help with getting rid of bosses and tough obstacles that have a lot of hit points.

If you need to get more coins more quickly, get some of the coin power ups in the shop. Purchase 10x double coins and all that you have to do is earn 25 coins per round (which earns you 50 coins upon use) to make a profit, and that is very easy to match. Purchase the coin magnet or the blood for extra coins, as well.