Ski Station: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Ski Station is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you run your own ski resort, accommodate as many skiers as possible, and make money. You can unlock all kinds of new ski resorts, upgrade your slopes and everything else about your resort in order to earn more coins, and make as much money as possible. Read on for some tips and cheats for Ski Station!

Your main upgrade parameters are price, lift speed, and skiers, which are all fairly self-explanatory. You can also upgrade the color of your slope, though, and when you do, you’ll not only add to the price multiplier, but you’ll also add one more seat a pop to each of the ski lifts. Upgrade your slope as soon as you can.

Even more expensive than the slope is the country upgrade, but the country upgrade is worth it too. If you buy one of these upgrades, you’ll earn far more per skier than in the previous country, and you will reset to the beginning slope. You’ll still be able to access all of your old slopes, though, so you can go back and upgrade all of the elements of your old slopes to continue earning even more money with them.

Be sure to use video ads to maximize your income and everything else about your Ski Station. When you come back from a long time of being offline, you can triple your income by watching a video. Bonus offers for money x2, speed x2, and other bonuses. When you level up, your level-up upgrade bonus can be upgraded with an ad video, as well.

When you upgrade to a new country, go back to all of your old countries. Make sure that everything is at level 100, and then make sure that your slope is upgraded all the way to Black Diamond. This is the maximum upgrade level that each particular country can hit, so make sure that you get to that maximum level, and then you can just collect the income and never have to pay attention to your old countries again.

Do this and the further that you make it through the game, the quicker your progress will be, oddly enough. Once you unlock literally everything, keep an eye out for the developers to add more countries and more slopes to the game, as they’ll be ready soon (possibly within the next upgrade), and they’ll continue to add more and more gameplay to the game.

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