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Skiddy Car: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Skiddy Car is a new iOS and Android game where you drift a car to the finish line in order to beat levels, score new cars, and earn a ton of coins. You can slide to the left and right, with stages getting harder and harder as you continue on though the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Skiddy Car!

The controls are as simple as they can be for a game like this. All you do is hold down on the screen to go left, or let go of the screen to go right. There is a bit of a slide when you turn, so you have to turn early in order to end up in the middle of the lane when the turn is done. Turn as the very edge of the next lane begins in order to get into the middle of the next lane when the turn ends.

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To make it easy, aim for the cons, as rows of coins will appear randomly throughout the level, on about 50% of the lanes in the level. Aim for the coins, as the coins run straight down the middle of the lane every time. Plus, the more coins that you collect, the more things that you’ll be Able to purchase.

Coins can mainly be used to buy more cars, as well as more landscapes for the game. There are also more ways to get both of these. Some can be unlocked by making it to specific levels, as a reward for level completions. Others can be unlocked by watching a specific number of advertisement videos. Still others can only be unlocked by making in-app purchases specifically for that one car.

So what is the difference between one car and the other? Nothing; they don’t perform any differently than one another. Their main purpose is for customization, but they all have the same speed, slide angle, and slide distance. So if you don’t care about customization, just about beating each level, then you can ignore the purchases.

If you want to go straight or approach a turn from a different angle, then tap rapidly on the screen for a bit. Whatever direction you’re currently going, you’ll start aiming more for the middle instead. When you’re driving straight upward, a turn will be much easier to take without any skidding, so you can more accurately get a track of what line to take down the lane.


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