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Skill Wave – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Skill Wave is a new endless game for the iOS and Android platforms. This “just one more try” game sends you flying through a surreal path loaded with obstacles of all kinds in order to try to get the highest score that you can, and then do it all over again. Think of it like a sideways Flappyesque, except with more power ups and more diverse varieties of obstacles and power ups. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to get a high score at Skill Wave!

A really simple way to make it a lot easier is to play the game with your phone turned sideways, so that it’s more like a reverse Flappy Bird. It’s more natural to see the ball “bounce” up, rather than have it bounce to the right when you hit the button, so if you have any experience with Flappy Bird or other Flappyesques, turn it sideways to make it easier.

Unlike those games, though, the height of your bounce varies with how long you hold down on the screen for. If you tap it super quick you will bounce a very short height, but if you hold it down, you will go up (or right if you didn’t turn the phone sideways) for as long as you hold the screen down for. Learn how to vary your tap lengths to get around any obstacle.

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You can also ride along the top or the bottom of the screen for as long as you need to. You won’t die if you do either one, so use that for an easy way to get around the cube obstacles, especially the ones that like to move and create a really narrow path for you.

Pick up the yellow dots whenever you can as they will give you 20 extra points for doing so. Also, pick up the power ups to knock obstacles out of your path. The side-to-side one knocks random obstacles out of your way, while the shooting one lets you fire lasers that knock out anything that is in front of you.

If you get too frustrated with the game, then take a break for half an hour or so and let the adrenaline die down. When you come back to the game, calm but with the muscle memory from the last time that you played, it will be far easier to avoid obstacles and get a really high score.