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Sky Dancer – Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints, and Strategies

Sky Dancer (also stylized as Skydancer) is a new endless runner game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game is very unique compared to others in that the main goal is to jump from platform to platform in the sky, executing the most precise jumps and landings possible. You can earn coins and bonuses, unlock a whole range of characters, and complete missions to try for the highest score possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sky Dancer!

The hardest part of the game, by far, is the act of aiming to make a landing on a platform. If you hold down on the left or the right side of the screen, your character will move way too quickly to make a precise landing with. Instead, use small taps to steer your character unless the platform is WAY off to the side. Use small taps on the opposing side to stop your character’s movement so that they can land on the platform accurately.

Making a precision jump is much more difficult than making a precision landing is. To make a precision jump, line yourself up in the middle of the platform and jump within the little circle at the very end of it. To make a precision landing, line yourself up with the middle of the next platform below you and land on it. You need to have stopped any rapid movement before landing in order to make a perfect jump – there are no accidental precision jumps in this game.

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Coins are the main currency of the game, and while you can collect them while on a run, you can also buy them with an in-app purchase. Coins will allow you to own more characters, which can be done by going to the Characters menu off of the main menu, scrolling through to see which one you want to purchase, and then buying it. Characters all perform the same as one another – the cosmetic difference is the main difference.

You will have three missions at a time in this game, and when you complete all three of the current ones, you’ll earn a permanent score multiplier. If you don’t want to or can’t complete a mission, go to the store menu and use some of your coins to purchase a mission skip for the one that is giving you a hard time.

When you die during a round, you will be able to restart from where you left off by either watching an advertisement video or paying 1,000 coins. Unless you are in the middle of a record run and want to extend the record, or you are just about to break the record and you really need to do it, don’t bother paying for the run. Watch an advertisement video to get the restart for free.